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In the elementary school, inclusive of Kindergarten through Fifth grades, students will learn core subjects and develop fundamental skills.

Exciting Elementary School

Elementary school is a fun and challenging time for your child. It's a time to build friendships and discover new subjects and special interests. The elementary school curriculum is usually a general education that exposes your child to the arts, technology, music, math, and literature, inclusive of phonics, spelling, handwriting and language, science, social studies, and physical education. As he or she learns and is being taught in the various subjects, he or she will find out the subjects that stimulate him or her the most and continue to be challenged throughout their educational experience at The Palm Desert Learning Tree Center.


In the elementary school, inclusive of Kindergarten through Fifth grades, students will learn core subjects and develop fundamental skills. We have chosen some new materials for this school year which we are very excited about. The A Beka curriculum is now being used in Mathematics, Phonics, Language Arts, and Social Studies.

Classroom Technology

Our technology curriculum is academic-based. Our students learn keyboarding, computer functionality, computer terminology and the basics of the Internet. Our computer lab is equipped with 11 new Dell computers and is manned by an instructor who is a Microsoft Certified Professional. Our software library is extensive and continually growing.


Students will learn and work with educational programs and real world software, such as Microsoft Office. All students; Kindergarten Prep through 5th grade, attend computer lab each week. In addition, specialized after-school computer classes are offered on a regular basis including a student-produced school newspaper, yearbook cover design, science fair project assistance and graphic design.

In Kindergarten we use:

• Letters and Sounds, children learn to review  

  vowel and consonant sounds, blends, words

  with one and two vowels and special sounds,

  and sentence comprehension.

• The Kindergarten writing tablet helps children

  practice the letters of the alphabet in this

  seatwork tablet.

• The Mathematic textbook is called Number

  Skills, grade K, which reinforces: number

  concepts and formation through 100, simple

  addition and subtraction combinations, telling

  time, working with money, and number

  sequence words.

• Social Studies, grade K focuses on fun activities

  and coloring pages while teaching about

  community helpers, America, and children of 10

  different countries. Holidays and special event

  days are also included in the social studies


• Supplementary Teaching visuals are also used

  in the Kindergarten classroom which include:

  America: Our Great Country Visuals, Children of

  the World Visuals, Community Helpers Visuals,

  Health and Safety Visuals, Character

  Development Visuals, and Language

  Enrichment Cards.

In The Learning Tree Classroom

Elementary Reading and Spelling

In addition, Scott Foresman Publishing Company is used for our Reading and Spelling program:

• Reading builds successful readers by providing

  direct, systematic, and research-based instruction

  that fully aligns with national and state standards.

  The effective instructional plan includes reading,

  phonics, oral language and writing every day at

  every grade level, Kindergarten through Grade 5.

• D'nealian Handwriting improves penmanship and

  basic handwriting skills with a D'nealian

  handbook and charts. Children improve

  handwriting skills with the worksheets in these

  manuscript and cursive workbooks through

  repetition and well calculated daily drills.

• Everyday Spelling is an exciting interactive way

  for children to practice spelling words and build

  language skills on a daily basis. Included are

  pages on writing and proofreading capabilities,

  vocabulary practice, alphabetical order, sentence

  writing, and phonics-based word lists along with

  stories and teaching strategies. Each child starts

  out in Kindergarten with one grade higher than

  they are presently in and this process continues

  through the upper grades. Spelling for

  Kindergarten starts in January of the present

  school year with a First grade Spelling book.

Invest in your child's future The 3 R's

Mission Statement

In order to teach the whole child, we recognize that the emotional, social, physical, and intellectual needs must be met in a safe, challenging, creative and loving environment. Self-esteem, competence, and leadership are developed by building success upon success with reassurance and support.


It is, therefore, our mission to provide our students with a solid foundation in the academics, extra-curricular enrichment, and opportunities for involvement in a student-centered creative program.

  • Academic-Based Curriculum

  • Microsoft Certified Instructor

  • Kindergarten Prep through 5th Grade

  • After School Classes Offered


Your child will be able to understand basic computer functions, be introduced to computer terminology, be able to use a computer mouse with a developmentally appropriate degree of coordination, be able to find all numeric keys on the keyboard, be able to find most alphas keys on the keyboard, be able to open and close Windows files, know how to print an item in a standard Windows application and be able to run appropriate grade level programs.


First and Second:

Your child will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of basic computer parts and terms, be comfortable wth and use basic computer terminology, show intermediate to advanced mouse coordination, locate all alpha/numeric keys on the keyboard, be able to open and close Windows files, know how to print any item from a Windows application, integrate computer usage into a special project or report and be able to run appropriate grade level programs.


Third, Fourth, and Fifth:

Your child will be able to understand basic and intermediate computer functions, be comfortable with and use basic computer terminology, be able to perform formal keyboarding, demonstrate basic word processing skills, find and use all keys on a keyboard, open, close and resize Windows programs, use a standard mouse with ease, use technology as a research tool, be able to run appropriate grade level programs, integrate the computer as a learning tool in at least one special project or report, be able to set up a mouse and printer and have an

understanding of virus protection.

Harcourt School Publishers is used in our Science program which is California adopted version which offers students exciting and accessible standard-based lessons. Engaging activities promote curiosity and foster the development of science inquiry skills. Through a consistent and structured learning cycle, students confidently build upon their experiences to develop a lifelong understanding of science concepts. Science workbooks include process skills practice, lesson concepts and review assessments, vocabulary review, and cards.

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